Hi, my name is Maximilian Marquardt. I am a journalist and currently based in a mellow town near Munich.

Before I studied journalism, I attended the institute for foreign language correspondence in Munich (FIM), studying correspondence in English and Spanish. After graduating and working for several years as a correspondent for the university in Munich (TUM), I started studying journalism in Berlin, Karlsruhe and Munich.

The  years of studying definitely weren´t a walk in the sun. During daytime, I was working as a precision mechanic in a small garage, burnishing steel parts and brazing metal blanks, inhaling sooty air and literally becoming half deaf because of the daily noise level at work. After closing-time, I opened my books in order to read and learn for my exams at university, often whole nights long. But after all, it was worth it and I finally graduated, with a final score of 1.3 for my coverage about the war in Ex-Jugoslavia.

After several full-time jobs in agencies and editorial offices (Huffpost Germany, Münchner Merkur, Vice etc) I am now working for the German version of „Playboy“. Also I am working  as a freelance journalist, photographer and texter for several newspapers, magazines, companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs and agencies.

Also I am working as a riot- and conflict reporter (see Coterie Collective) with focus on riots and the Balkans.

However, there is one thing that still influences me a lot: Although I closed this chapter a couple of years ago, I am still strongly affected by my time as a rock-musician. Between the years 2000 and 2010, I was touring through whole Europe and hitting the stages of tiny clubs, concert halls and fancy venues. It sounds strange, but in this time I gathered experiences that are still very useful to me nowadays, when working as a journalist. Maybe it´s because journalism has a lot in common with making music. Like music, it thrieves on one big thing aswell: Idealism. Wether it´s taking photos of a free-solo climber in the mountains, interviewing protesters in the midst of turmoil and riot, packing stuff for a coverage in the Balkans, or working night-shifts with your beloved colleagues: You can´t be a journalist if you aren´t really into it. You can´t do it halfhearted. It´s dedication, pure and simple. Composing catchy soundwaves or working on a bone-thrilling coverage –  to me, there is no difference at all!

So, if you like what you see and read, check the contact-section above and drop me a line.




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Me on a coverage in Bosnia-Herzegovina, February 2015


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