Since January 2015 I am a member of the COTERIE COLLECTIVE, an exclusive group of journalists, working together and supporting each other. Be it gear, contacts, expertise, training or assignments. The head office / agency is based in Kirchseeon near Munich.

10433886_241343869395266_8619414533844416011_ncoterie (ˈkəʊtərɪ): A small exclusive group of friends with common interests

The one thing that prevails during our work – whether it is planning our next mission, reviewing photos or interviewing a farmer in the Turkish desert – is coffee. Coffee is for us the symbol of thinking things through, participating in human communication and then going on the road with newfound motivation.


We as COTERIE COLLECTIVE stand for an artistically elaborated and morally responsible journalistic approach to the world of media, writing and photography. Also, due to our different specializations, we can offer our world-wide services for a large range of markets and customers.


In our current media environment there seems to be less motivation to strive for extensively researched and incisive journalism/photography. Everybody is playing against time and budget at the cost of insightful information. Only the „clicks“ count in addition to being „the fastest“ in bringing out „news“. This pressure on us results in factual errors, little or no insight into important topics and to black and white world views. But in-depth reporting is essential for a functioning media society and for democracy as a whole.


Therefore we approach the complexity of the world with „slow“ journalism, deep research and a close interaction with the people we portray. In this respect it doesn’t matter what field is being covered – be it in-depth reportages of events that send shockwaves through the political landscapes or an intimate interview with an artist.


COTERIE COLLECTIVE reflects this approach as well with its unique style of photography and writing – often breaking boundaries. For example, using the classical approach of social reportage to cover a sports-event. Or using analog medium format cameras or digital high-end DSLR, as the situation requires, to create a new viewing experience.

COTERIE COLLECTIVE: Taking time to observe the World

Our Homepage is currently under construction. For further information about our clients, our different photographic expertise or if you want to commission directly a job check out our Facebook page or contact us directly: max.coterie(ät)